video AN AMAZON NIGHTMARE 8 (part 1)

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Sashura and Arya are recreating after an exhausting day.

Arya is having bad dreams - she see herself getting mocked and killed by her friend while she´ s tied to a pole.

After she finally wakes up, Sashura tries to calm her down and both fall asleep again.

In the next dream Arya is wounded on the battlefield.

Her friend appears, but she´ s wearing the dress of the enemy tribe and stabs Arya in the belly with her own sword.

A dark shadow is coming over their friendship... see how it ends in PART 2!

  • starring: Sashura, Arya

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    811 MB
  • Duration
    12 minutes
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  • starring: Sashura, Arya
  • Size811 MB
  • Duration12 minutes
  • Resolution1080p
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video AN AMAZON NIGHTMARE 8 (part 1)

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